New and Improved Camp Lightfoot @ CCF

  • by Cheetah Conservation Fund Canada June 4, 2021
New and Improved Camp Lightfoot @ CCF

In 2020, the Canadian-based Gordon and Patricia Gray Animal Welfare Foundation provided a generous grant to CCF to enhance Camp Lightfoot at CCF Namibia.

Camp Lightfoot provides accommodation for young people coming from across Namibia to learn about conservation, wildlife and many other aspects related to managing and preserving the country’s natural resources.

Camp Lightfoot

At this camp, young people can get hands-on experience with domestic and wildlife animals, and to learn from experts and from each other.

The pandemic reduced the number of visitors who would have stayed at Camp Lightfoot, but as things get back to normal, the Camp will now be able to accommodate approximately 2000 people per year, including Namibian students, adult educators from Earth Expeditions, and international students visiting CCF.

A Repeat CCF Supporter

The Foundation also provided support in 2019 to print 3000 copies of an educational guide for Namibian farmers. This guide is a valuable resource and makes a significant difference in the farmers’ knowledge of effective livestock and predator management.  The end result has a direct impact on their livelihoods and helps ensure that cheetahs are significantly less likely to become victims of human-wildlife conflict.

Thank You! 

We very much appreciate the Gordon and Patricia Gray Animal Welfare Foundation’s commitment to helping people and, in so doing, helping to save the cheetah in the wild.

Gordon and Patricia Gray Animal Welfare Foundation

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