Send a Cheetah 3D Papercraft Model that will help care for an injured or orphaned cheetah under the care of Cheetah Conservation Fund.

When you donate $105, we will send a complimentary Cheetah 3D Papercraft Model manufactured by @3dpapercraftworld (Instagram) to the person you choose with a card. (While quantities last.)

For shipment to the US, please add $15 to the donation.

Cheetah Care

CCF Namibia cares for orphaned, old or injured cheetahs that cannot be released back into the wild, as they do not have the skills or physical capability to survive. Although CCF is not a welfare centre, it does accommodate these non-releasable cheetahs. If another approved home becomes available, CCF relocates these cheetahs to an alternate captive facility. However, many of these cheetahs are permanent residents of CCF.

These cheetahs require shelter, food, regular veterinary exams, medical intervention, monitoring (camera traps, GPS collars), and large spaces to ensure they have as much space as possible to roam. These activities are very resource intensive and require various type of expertise.

A few of these cheetahs serve as ambassadors to help in CCF’s educational programs targeted at children, farmers, biologists, tourists and others.  At any given time, there are approximately 40 cheetah being housed and cared for at the CCF Research and Education Centre in Namibia.  It costs approximately $5,000 per year to care for each cheetah and we rely on donations to offset those costs.

Sponsor a Cheetah and receive a Cheetah 3D Papercraft Model

  • Simply select a specific resident cheetah at CCF Namibia and indicate that cheetah’s name in the comment section of the donation page.
  • Please provide name and address of the person you would like us to send the Cheetah 3D Papercraft Model.

Watch our video that shows you How to Build a Cheetah 3D Model.

Here are some pictures of the completed models.  Send us a photo to or post it to social media and tag us in your post.