Cheetah Care

Cheetah Conservation Fund in Namibia provides a sanctuary for cheetahs that have been orphaned, injured or unable to survive in the wild. Captured by farmers, about 40 cheetahs receive care for the rest of their lives (nutrition and veterinary care) and the opportunity to live in conditions as close as possible to the wild.  The costs to care for these cheetahs is over $5,000 annually.


In a small number of cases, a cheetah can be returned to thrive in the wild. Dr. Laurie Marker says that rewilding can be one of  “the best investments in the future of cheetahs”.

With careful planning, implementation and ongoing monitoring, CCF’s efforts in rewilding have been a success. Since 2013, twenty-two cheetahs have been released back into the wild. Right now, the CCF rewilding team is in the planning stages to release 8 more in 2021.

Resident Cheetahs at CCF Namibia (as of January 1, 2020). Since 2014, we have been supporting the care of Rainbow and Aurora. Both female cheetahs were rescued as orphaned cubs on nearby farms and are now the best of friends.