Happy Earth Day!

  • by Cheetah Conservation Fund Canada April 22, 2024
Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day! Every year, Earth Day is a reminder of our shared responsibility to protect the planet’s incredible biodiversity – and today, the cheetah’s plight is a call to action! The world’s fastest land animal once roamed across most of Africa, the Middle East, and parts of Asia, but the cats have disappeared from 90% of their historic range. And, these spotted speedsters are running out of time.

Just a little more than a century ago, there were nearly 100,000 cheetahs roaming the planet. Today, there are less than 7,100 mature individual cheetahs remaining in the wild. Habitat loss, poaching, conflict with humans, and the illegal wildlife trade continue to threaten the species – and climate change is exacerbating these risks.

Going by the numbers, the conservation situation doesn’t look good. But, there are reasons to be hopeful. We’ve seen firsthand the power of community-based conservation, innovative strategies implemented to mitigate human-wildlife conflict, and the impact of legal frameworks to curb the illegal wildlife trade. Our work at CCF, alongside local communities, governments, and international partners, is making a difference. Earlier this year, the 2024 Global Cheetah Summit brought together over 130 dedicated experts from around the world, representing academia, conservation, science, community-leadership, government and non-governmental organizations to commit to the cause of conserving the cheetah through the signing of a global declaration.

And, the work continues. Using innovative approaches, strategic collaboration, and broad engagement, we aim to ensure cheetahs will continue to race across the savannah. This Earth Day, let’s all commit to a future where cheetahs, and all wildlife, thrive.

Thank you for your support!

On Earth Day make the decision to reduce plastic use and shift to laundry strips. This is a fundraiser where we will receive 30% of your purchase during the rest of the month for Earth month!

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