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Thank You from Mara-Meru Cheetah Project

  • by Dr. Elena V. Chelysheva December 11, 2023
Thank You from Mara-Meru Cheetah Project

Mara-Meru Cheetah Project is an organization dedicated to studying, monitoring, and protecting cheetahs in the Mara-Meru ecosystems. Since several challenges threaten cheetahs’ survival, the significance of our work cannot be understated.

The Mara-Meru Cheetah Project emphasizes on resource acquisition, community engagement, and education as crucial for mitigating threats to the cheetah. Our mission has advanced thanks in large part to the donations we have already received from the CCF and from Lindsay Mearns through the Cheetah Canada. A significant amount of these funds has gone towards training Mara rangers (on cheetah identification and behavior) and providing them with the necessary tools (powerful binoculars, cheetah identification catalogues, writing materials, ragged photo cameras with built-in GPS, road signs “Area closed” and others) to adequately monitor and protect cheetahs. In addition, the project conducted workshops in the community, fostering a sense of coexistence between humans and cheetahs which works to raise awareness and include the community in conservation efforts.

Furthermore, vital equipment such as binoculars for field observations, video and audio recorders for monitoring and research, refrigerators for sample storage, and batteries for vital device operation have been acquired with the help of donations from Lindsay Mearns. These tools are essential to the project’s daily operations since they allow researchers to gather important data, carry out studies, and efficiently monitor the cheetah population. It is important noting that continuous expenses including field work, equipment upkeep, and community outreach require consistent funding. Cheetah Canada’s aid has helped ensure the success and continuity of these initiatives.

Partnering with CCF, the Mara-Meru Cheetah Project is bolstered in matters of logistics, finances, and scientific expertise. This partnership ensures that donations are efficiently utilized and maximized for the benefit of cheetah conservation.

In conclusion, the Mara-Meru Cheetah Project stands as a beacon of hope for the survival of cheetahs in the Mara-Meru ecosystems. Your support is essential to our ability to implement comprehensive conservation strategy and will prove vital in conserving these incredible species for future generations.

To Cheetah Canada, we appreciate you for considering the importance of Mara-Meru Cheetah Project and for your continued support.

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