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CCF and B2Gold: A Commitment to Conservation

  • by Cheetah Conservation Fund Canada July 11, 2023
CCF and B2Gold: A Commitment to Conservation

Saving the cheetah in the wild is an “all-hands-on-deck “undertaking. Working with all stakeholders has been a hallmark of CCF’s effort to protect the cheetah in its natural habitat.

In a recent visit to Vancouver, Dr. Laurie Marker was the guest speaker at a fundraising event hosted by B2Gold, a company operating in Namibia, and one that takes its environmental commitment seriously. Laurie is a strong advocate for companies and wildlife conservation organization working together to accomplish shared goals.

 “We’ve always had the idea that we can leave a community better off that before we got there. We met Laurie and CCF, and we quickly became kindred spirits in what we were looking to do in Namibia.” ~ Clive Johnson, CEO, B2Gold

Laurie spoke about the support that B2Gold has provided to CCF – for cheetah care, the livestock guarding dogs and more recently, significant programs to reduce human-wildlife conflict as a means of enhancing both ecological and economic sustainability for the local communities.

As Laurie noted, “If we’re going to have a sustainable earth, with our wildlife on the land, we need partners. Ad having good partners who have similar visions is really important.”

B2Gold Visit to CCF Namibia, Feb 2023

Carolyn Farquhar, Chair of Cheetah Conservation Fund Canada also attended the event, and summed it up as a great event that “introduced CCF to even more Canadians, helped us raise additional funds for the programs that Canada supports in Namibia, and shared the vital role that CCF Namibia is playing right here in Canada as more and more young Canadian students are taking part if CCF’s student intern program.”

For a quick look at this event, check out this 43 sec preview of a forthcoming video that looks at B2Gold’s commitment to Namibia’s cheetah conservation.

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