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An Inspiration for Such a Young Age!

  • by Cheetah Conservation Fund Canada September 16, 2023
An Inspiration for Such a Young Age!

Poppy celebrated her 5th birthday recently.  Instead of receiving gifts, she decided to raise awareness and funds for her most favourite animal.

In good planning fashion, Poppy started early this month in collecting donations for her favourite animal, the cheetah. She lives in a wonderful neighbourhood, crawling with young families who support youth initiatives.

Birthday parties tend to be large and she opted to raise money for an important cause rather than receiving more gifts than anyone would know what to do with 🙂

Her choice of  charity made for an awesome cheetah-themed party.  Cheetah cake, pin the tail on the cheetah, spotted donation box and much more.

She was able to collect $200 in cash and more has been donated online in her name. Her parents are so proud of her!

Poppy, we hope that your passion for the cheetah will make you an ambassador to protect the cheetah in the wild!!

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