Make It Monthly

  • by Cheetah Conservation Fund Canada March 11, 2023
Make It Monthly

Canadians’ support of Cheetah Conservation Fund has never been greater, and we appreciate all of your past interest and contributions. In 2022, we were able to transfer $180,000 to CCF due to the generosity of Canadians. That’s another record year…Thank You! 

As the operations of CCF expand into Somaliland (in addition to the home base in Namibia), the costs to run their successful programs also increases. Here’s where Canadians can once again step up.

Monthly giving is one of the most efficient ways to donate to support cheetah conservation.  You don’t have to remember to give every year, and it’s a great way to make a big impact.

How you can make a difference?

$10 donated monthly

will help grade 5-7 students learn about Namibian predator identification, ecological and physiological characteristics of the cheetah, and problems associated with human/cheetah conflict. Your monthly support will help us raise awareness about the importance of saving wildlife from a young age.

$25 donated monthly

helps us provide with predator-friendly farmer training that protects livestock while teaching sustainable wildlife management. Your monthly support will help provide solutions for rural livestock farmers while encouraging protective ownership and responsibility within the ecology.

$50 donated monthly

helps us provide food, vaccinations and care for Livestock Guarding Dog (LGD) puppies. At around 11 weeks old, the puppies depart for their new farms where they have been successful in reducing predation on livestock by 80-100%. Your monthly support will help us to raise and place more dogs with farmers.

$100 donated monthly

helps us provide food and care for ~30 cheetahs living at our Centre in Namibia. CCF cares for orphaned or injured cheetahs that often cannot be returned to the wild. Your monthly support will also help prevent them from being taken from the wild in the first place.


Throughout March, if you create a new monthly gift of $20 or more through the CanadaHelps platform, CanadaHelps will make a one-time extra $20 donation to us!

You can read the full terms and conditions here.

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