Cheetah Fit Challenge 2022: Our Incredible Results

  • by Cheetah Conservation Fund Canada November 13, 2022
Cheetah Fit Challenge 2022:  Our Incredible Results

We’re thrilled to report out on the results of this year’s Cheetah Fit Challenge, September 17-October 1.

Our Goal

Raise $20,000 in funds to support the growing number of cheetah cubs rescued from the illegal pet trade in Somaliland.

Our Results

Raised $24,447.77, 122% of our target, with:

  • 3 generous matching sponsors
  • 15 teams
  • 60 participants
  • 188 donations

Rather than dictate what activities participants should do, we left it wide open this year.  As a result, we saw participants walking, hiking, biking, golfing, kayaking, paddle boarding, rock-climbing, and providing daily fitness tips on YouTube.

Our participants were active on social media throughout the challenge; here are just a few of the submitted photos we received of them in action.

Join us for Cheetah Fit Challenge 2023:

Mark your calendars for September 17-30 as we’ll be back with our 3rd Annual Cheetah Fit Challenge.  Details to be announced in Spring 2023.


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