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Name The Puppy Contest

  • by Cheetah Conservation Fund Canada September 29, 2021
Name The Puppy Contest

Livestock Guarding Dogs are Remarkable

The Livestock Guarding Dog Program was first introduced by CCF Namibia in 1994, and has been one of their most successful programs to help save the wild cheetah. This non-lethal predator control method has helped farmers to understand that humans and wildlife can co-exist, and has resulted in many fewer cheetah deaths.  Results are impressive: there is an 80% to 100% reduction in livestock loss where guarding dogs are utilized. There is a waiting list of 3-4 years as this program continues to be in high demand by farmers to protect their herds.

New Puppies Need to be Named

On July 10th, Lisboa Bella, a 2 year-old breeding female donated to CCF by the Lisbon Zoo, gave birth to 8 beautiful livestock guarding puppies.  Two female puppies that will stay with CCF as breeding dogs in the future have not yet been named.

CCF has granted the naming rights to one of those puppies to us in Canada.

So we thought we’d have a little fun and turn it into a contest to get your ideas for names!

Young Livestock Guarding Dogs
PUPPIES: Some of Lisboa Bella's 8 puppies
Livestock Guarding Dog Lisboa Bella
MOM: Lisboa Bella

Contest Entry Guidelines:

  • The contest ran from October 2-10, 2021
  • Each donation of $25 gave the entrant one entry draw (suggested name) and a tax receipt
  • To keep with the Canada theme, the name should reflect Canada in some way

Selecting a Winner:

At the end of the contest, we drew three finalists, and used social media for voting purposes. The most popular name from votes on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages was the selected name.

And the Winner is:


The name was honours the beautiful Nahanni National Park Reserve in the Dehcho Region of the Northwest Territories, Canada. It is a designated UNESCO world heritage site, and one of Canada’s most beautiful natural parks.

Name The Puppy Contest
Lisboa Bella and her yet to be named puppy. Join our contest to name her!

Feb 2023 Update

For an update on Nahanni’s life, almost two years later, read our new blog post!

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