Cheetah Fit Challenge 2021

  • by Cheetah Conservation Fund Canada July 6, 2021
Cheetah Fit Challenge 2021

About the Challenge:
The Cheetah Fit Challenge 2021 is a way of keeping you fit while raising awareness and funds to keep cheetahs under our care in Namibia healthy and fit and, when possible, to re-wild them.

About the Cheetahs:
At any given time at Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) in Namibia, there are 35-40 cheetahs in residence that came to the centre injured or as orphans mostly due to human-wildlife conflict. Through a variety of programs, CCF cares for these cheetahs and prepares as many as possible to be returned to the wild. Since 2013, 30 cheetahs have been re-wilded.

Cheetahs are regularly given the opportunity to run short distances as they would normally do in the wild. It costs about $5,000 per year for veterinary care and nutrition for each cheetah. This is why we need your help!

Join the Challenge:
Help us raise awareness and funds to keep the cheetah conservation programs strong, and ensure that the cheetah thrive. This year’s goal is $2,500 which will be matched by a generous sponsor for a total of $5,000 to be transferred to CCF Namibia to care for one cheetah.

Step 1: Register
You can register alone or as a group.

Cheetah Fit Challenge 2021

Register here to let us know you'll be participating in the Cheetah Fit Challenge 2021!
Register Your Team Participants
If registering as a Team, add each participant's name below. You can add up to 10 people by adding a line using the + symbol.
First Name
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Email address

Step 2: Set Your Goals
Create your fitness goals, and set up your fundraising goal/page through CanadaHelps. You can also do a one time donation for the funds collected.

Step 3: Order Some Swag
We have a variety of items in our Cheetah Fit Challenge 2021 shop; order some clothing and wear it during the challenge!
Note: There is a 15% off sale until August 7th 

All items are 15% off until August 7, 2021

Step 4: Spread the Word
Challenge your friends, colleagues and family to participate in the challenge, and/or to sponsor you! Use the #cheetahfit and #savethecheetah hashtags on social media so we can follow you and re-post.

Step 5: Be Active!
Walk, jog, run or bike and track your activity between August 7-22 through your preferred tracking device. Take some pictures to share with us.

Prize(s)  will be awarded to the top fundraiser(s) as an individual or team (calculated avg per individual in team).  Prize(s) TBC.

Email us at Canada@cheetah.org


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