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Student Picks Cheetah Conservation Fund Canada as part of Project Give Back

  • by Cheetah Conservation Fund Canada June 7, 2021
Student Picks Cheetah Conservation Fund Canada as part of Project Give Back

Max Ren, a fourth grade student, wanted to share his passion for saving cheetahs with his fellow students. This past year, Max chose Cheetah Conservation Fund Canada as part of a Toronto-based initiative called Project Give Back.

Project Give Back is a passion based program designed for elementary students to develop empathy, build character, and ignite community minded citizens. The organization delivers lessons which focus on building these traits within children, and the project culminates in them giving a presentation about a charity of their choice.

As part of Project Give Back, Max selected our charity and then led an engaging presentation to help his fellow students learn all about the cheetah, why cheetahs are endangered, and what we can do to help them.

He followed this up with a beautifully written letter to our charity outlining his passion for helping cheetahs.  He told us that he “chose our charity because my favourite animal is endangered and I would like to help, too. Through this project, I have learned that without cheetahs, there will be no plants because the gazelles (which are cheetah prey) will eat all the grasses.”

Max wants to carry on doing everything he can to protect cheetahs in the future and will no doubt continue to inspire others along the way!

Thank you Max!

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