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Meet Kaylie – Young Cheetah Ambassador!

  • by Cheetah Conservation Fund Canada June 29, 2018
Meet Kaylie – Young Cheetah Ambassador!

Meet Kaylie. She’s been a big cheetah enthusiast since she was four, and knew from an early age that she wanted to help them. She’s been doing a lot for the cheetah, helping raise awareness and funds for the cheetah. On her birthday, for the last few years, she made sure that half of her birthday gift was donated to helping save the cheetah.

She’s finishing Grade 4 this year, at Robbins Hebrew Academy. During the school year, one class project involved teaching her classmates about a charity that was important to her.  Kaylie says, “I chose Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) because I love cheetahs”.

Kaylie knows a lot about cheetahs and the threats that they face.  She knows about the programs that CCF uses, including the livestock guarding dog program to help farmers protect their herds, and the importance of educating young people in Namibia and around the world about the cheetah and its vital role in its ecosystems.

Along with a classmate who chose Earth Rangers, another Canadian charity, Kaylie prepared a presentation with information about cheetahs and their unique characteristics.  The two students also hosted a “Kahoot!” learning game on the smartboard in their classroom, about cheetahs, and had many questions about the cheetah as well as other endangered animals.

We really appreciate all Kaylie’s efforts to help the cheetah. And we think it’s fantastic that this young Canadian already has so much knowledge and enthusiasm for the cheetah.


There are many ways that youcan help save the cheetah, and involve your family, friends and classmates in learning about this remarkable species. For more ideas and resources that you can use, check out CCF Kids helping to Save the Cheetah.

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