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Cheetah Champion Hosts a Birthday Party

  • by Cheetah Conservation Fund Canada February 15, 2017

We receive some amazing messages from young people in Canada who love cheetah and want to help save them from extinction. These kids come up with great ideas to celebrate the cheetah, tell their friends and families about the cheetah, and help raise funds to help the cheetahs in Namibia.

Just recently, one of these “cheetah champions” in British Columbia decided to dedicate her 7th birthday party to helping cheetahs. She asked all her party guests to give a cash donation in lieu of birthday gifts.  The birthday girl will use half of her guests’ donations to buy herself a special gift, and will donate the other half of the money collected to Cheetah Conservation Fund Canada, which goes directly to help save the cheetahs. With all the party plans in place, we sent her a photo of Rainbow, one of the fastest young cheetahs at CCF’s sanctuary in Namibia. She printed a copy of Rainbow’s picture and put it on the wall at the party, to show all her birthday guests the cheetah they were helping.  All the guests signed it so she could bring it home and hang on her wall.

Wall climbing was part of the celebrations. We really like the idea of young people conquering a climbing challenge and helping save this endangered species! We heard that there was awesome cake at the party, too!

So, big thanks to the dynamic and caring birthday girl – from Rainbow and CCF. You made our day!

If you know someone who would like to help the cheetahs and is planning a party – birthday, graduation, bar/bat mitzvah, or other – please think about honouring the cheetah at the celebrations. We work with CanadaHelp ,where you can create a fundraise event.

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