Summer Camp – Who is that Animal?

Jul 29, 2021

2:00 pm

  • Location: New York, NY, USA - Virtual
  • Venue: ZOOM

Jul 29, 2021 02:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Can you guess the animal from its sound? Join us as we play a fun game that teaches us about the amazing creatures that inhabit our planet, especially those classified as endangered species.

Teacher: Paola Bari

Paola was born in Italy and crossed the Atlantic in 1996. Paola is a local artist and she has exhibited pieces in both Europe and America. Her art is quite whimsical, featuring stretching frogs, cats, and ornately decorated game fowl.

Paola’s other passion is love for animals and conservation. She is currently a volunteer of the Cheetah Conservation Fund. Paola has been often visiting the conservation and she is part of the Cheetah Conservation Fund New York chapter.

Teacher: Richard Riepe

Richard Riepe is a tennis professional, personal trainer, certified yoga instructor, Animal Flow instructor, and wildlife advocate. He is currently pursuing a degree in fisheries and wildlife science and training to become an EQUUS coach. He currently volunteers with the New York chapter of CCF.

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