Making Powdered Goat Milk

  • by Dionne Stein May 7, 2021
Making Powdered Goat Milk
Scroll to the the bottom of the post to learn how to make powdered goat milk in 10 steps.

In 2020 the Covid-19 pandemic wreaked havoc on most industries globally. Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) was no different with tourism grinding to a halt and a shutdown resulting in limited options for utilizing the goat milk from our goat farm. With a serious risk of large quantities of milk needing to be dumped, CCF had a big question: “what do we do to avoid waste?”

Our team reached out to Travis Peterson (President, Michigan Chapter) on any ideas or insight he may have for using this milk in other ways to avoid waste & potentially gain some income as well. Travis involved Larry Kocher (Member, Michigan Chapter) who was able to pull in Ron Fitzpatrick from Organic Meadow, with vast experience in powdering milk, to help.

Combining the ingenuity from working at Lear Corporation, a leading global automotive supplier with extensive industry experience with milk products, the three members quickly provided details and guidance for safely powdering milk. CCF has now successfully been able to produce powdered milk without the need for any real investment or capital requirements.

Despite the Coronavirus having tragic effects throughout the world, this is a great example of people coming together and solving an issue amid a crisis. CCF’s vast, diverse network affords the opportunity to solve issues quickly and even create new opportunities.

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