At CCF we work to provide the lifetime care and well-being for the wild cheetahs that have been ruthlessly taken from their families and deprived a life in the wild, simply to meet the demands of the illegal wildlife trade. These extraordinary and endangered animals are in dire need of our care and protection.  At our Rescue & Conservation Centre, we provide innocent cheetahs with the veterinary care, medical treatments, food, enclosures, enrichment, socialisation, safety and security, that they require for a happy and healthy life.

Helpless and vulnerable

It’s saddening to think that someone could bring harm to such an innocent and beautiful animal. But the threat is real. These fragile cubs are found in the most horrific conditions. Malnourished, dehydrated, starving, infested with maggots, lacerations and open wounds across their bodies, hair loss and poor coats, abscesses on tails, necks and legs where they had been bound with zip ties. Sadly, the list goes on.

Three out of four stolen cubs don’t survive

It is estimated that 300 cheetah cubs are trafficked from the Horn of Africa each year, to be illegally sold as pets in the Arabian Peninsula. Sadly, most of the cubs do not survive the journey. Out of every four cubs stolen from the wild, up to three will die in transit. And those that do survive and make it into the illegal pet trade, the majority will not live more than two years.

Bringing hope to the lucky ones

Cubs taken from their mothers at this early age and held captive typically suffer severe impacts from malnutrition and dehydration, and many will perish. But some are more fortunate.

As part of our mission, we work tirelessly to mitigate the threats of the illegal wildlife trade and reduce the trauma inflicted upon the innocent cubs.

Our Cheetah Rescue and Conservation Centre (CRCC) in Somaliland is currently home to over 100 cheetahs. Unfortunately, because these cubs have been taken from their mothers at such a young age, they lack the survival skills they’d need to be released back into the wild. Our aim is to give them the best lives possible, and at our rescue and conservation centre, we have the medical expertise and space (over 800 hectares), so the cubs can live as natural a life as possible.

Your support.  Their forever home.

The rescue and conservation centre is a forever home for these fortunate cheetahs, but we need the on-going support of people like you, to ensure we can give them the best possible life.