Canine partners in conservation

The livestock guarding dog (LGD) programme is one of the most successful initiatives at Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF). CCF breeds LGDs at our model farm in Namibia. The dogs are placed with farmers in ‘hotspots’ of human-wildlife conflict. These special animals use their imposing presence and loud bark warn off predators such as cheetahs, stopping farmers from trapping or shooting them in retaliation for killing their livestock. The programme is proven to reduce livestock losses to predators by up to 90%.

Sponsor a Livestock Guarding Dog

Help CCF care for LGDs

CCF has a small group of dogs working at its model farm in Namibia, where farmers learn predator-friendly ways to bolster their income and keep their herds healthier. Under careful observation, the dogs at CCF participate in the breeding programme and they all serve as active working animals to guard CCF’s livestock herds. The field education team conducts farm visits throughout the year, undertaking health checks on more than 200 LGD placements. Field staff provide essential information and guidance for the farmers using LGDs at their farms.

There is currently a waiting list of farmers in need of a livestock guarding dog.

Sponsor the guard dog programme so we can continue to decrease human-wildlife conflict across Namibia and expand the programme into more of the cheetah’s range.