The CCF Conservation Circle is a global network of individuals, companies and charitable organisations whose support plays an essential role in helping us secure a future for cheetahs.

Individual support

Individual supporters of the Conservation Circle donate upwards of £1000 per year. Choose to direct your support to a specific project or area of interest, or make general donations to our conservation efforts. Email us to find out more or click here to discover other ways to support CCF UK.

Corporate support

Your company can join the Conservation Circle by making an annual donation of £1,000 or more. In return for your support, we’ll work with you to communicate your efforts to your customers and and highlight your impact to our audiences. Email us to find out more or click here to learn about other ways we can work together.

Collective impact

Funds from the Circle enable us to deliver programmes that tackle major threats to cheetahs, such as the illegal wildlife trade, habitat loss and human-wildlife conflict. By joining, you can help save a species. What an amazing concept!

Hear from one of our Conservation Circle…

Fable & Mane

Fable & Mane are members of our Conservation Circle. The funding they have provided has helped us to achieve so much. With their help we are keeping cheetahs where they belong – in the wild.

Fable & Mane

Other ways to give 

If you’re not sure if the Conservation Circle is the right initiative for you but are considering making a transformative donation or leaving a gift in your will, please do get in touch! We would welcome a discussion to understand more about your interests, motivations and wishes. Please contact James Hanaway, our Director of Development to start the conversation!