Handmade Cheetah Photo Cards

These beautiful handmade cards feature photographs of cheetah in the wild taken by Alison Mees, a keen wildlife photographer and conservationist who has spent over 16 years in Africa.

Each 21cm x 14.5 cm card is made with recycled paper and envelopes.

Alison will kindly donate all the proceeds from each card to the Cheetah Conservation Fund UK.

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Each card is priced at £2.00 + P&P

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About Alison

Alison has had a great love and passion for cheetahs since her childhood. For the last 16 years she has been working in Africa in tourism, also spending a huge amount of her time working in conservation alongside cheetah researchers.

She is a keen wildlife photographer and wanted to give something back to support cheetah conservation, so came up with the idea of creating Handmade Cheetah Photo Cards using the beautiful images she’s captured during her time in Africa