Swipe for change: Fana’s partnership with Cheetah Conservation Fund UK

  • by CCF United Kingdom 10 May 2024
Swipe for change: Fana’s partnership with Cheetah Conservation Fund UK

Imagine this: with every purchase you make, whether it’s your morning coffee or monthly groceries, a portion of your spending effortlessly fuels causes close to your heart. Now, the extraordinary opportunity to merge your daily expenses with meaningful contributions — such as safeguarding the majestic cheetahs — has become a reality through the partnership between Fana and the Cheetah Conservation Fund.

Throughout the entire month of May, each swipe of your Fana card translates to a 1% donation, aiding in the crucial mission to preserve cheetah habitats. Also, using Fana Card you will be able to support our initiatives such as ‘Future Farmers Programme‘ that helps us to reduce human-wildlife conflict and more. Here’s how your contribution can make a difference:

  • £20 could nourish a rescued cheetah for a week
  • £50 could bolster CCF’s efforts against the illegal pet trade
  • £100 could cover health checks for 5 rescued cheetahs

You can join this remarkable initiative until the end of May. Moreover, for every individual who signs up through this link, Fana pledges to donate £20 to the Cheetah Conservation Fund — while new members enjoy their first month free.

About Fana:

Fana stands as a beacon for promising charitable endeavours across the globe. They’ve engineered a debit card that not only benefits your wallet but also the planet. And the cherry on top? The design of your Fana card reflects the causes you champion. With every tap, Fana contributes on your behalf as part of your subscription, with no extra charges for customers. Discover more about Fana, the card that gives back with every transaction, here

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