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May wildlife photographer of the month – Alison Buttigieg

  • by Zila Oliveira 4 May 2024
May wildlife photographer of the month – Alison Buttigieg

To start the month of May, we invited Alison Buttigieg for our ‘Photographer Takeover’. As an amazingly talented photographer, Alison, at 43 years old, lives and works in Finland as a Program Manager in Tech. However, during her time off, she immerses herself in the world of traveling and photography, with a special knack for capturing wild cats wherever her adventures take her.

Alison’s passion for wildlife photography traces back to her childhood. “I loved watching documentaries when I was a kid and daydreamed of visiting those wild locations someday to see all the amazing animals with my own eyes,” she recalls fondly. Like any other eager traveller, she aimed to encapsulate her experiences through photography to preserve special memories. Soon, she found herself deeply invested in capturing the essence of the animals she adores. With the rise of social media, Alison saw an opportunity to share her images with the world, hoping to inspire others to care about wildlife and wild places as deeply as she does.


Her journey into wildlife photography began nearly two decades ago on a safari trip to Tanzania. “My biggest wish was to see the big cats,” she reminisces. On the second day in the Serengeti, after much anticipation, Alison’s dream became a reality as she stumbled upon a mother cheetah and her two almost fully grown youngsters. “They were standing and intently looking around and then suddenly trotted away into some trees”, she describes. That moment, captivated by their elegance, solidified her love for these magnificent creatures.

“I go where the wild cats are,” Alison declares. Consequently, Africa has been the primary focus of her travels, especially the Mara/Serengeti areas in Kenya and Tanzania. However, she also endeavours to photograph other wild cat species beyond Africa’s borders. Among her most cherished encounters was photographing Pumas in Patagonia, Chile. “The combination of the stunning remote mountain landscape and being close to such beautiful predators on foot was extremely special and unique,” she reflects.

Spending time with wild animals in their natural habitat is a privilege for Alison. “You get to immerse yourself completely in their world and their life, whether they are just relaxing or fighting for survival,” she explains. Wildlife photography, however, comes with its challenges. “There are so many elements outside of one’s control,” Alison notes. Despite the meticulous efforts, there are no guarantees of capturing the perfect shot. “You never know what you are going to get, so when you get images you’re happy with, it feels extremely rewarding.”



Ethical photography stands as a cornerstone of Alison’s work. “All my photos are of wild animals, and I never photograph baited animals,” she asserts. Ensuring the welfare of the animals remains her top priority, requiring patience and a deep understanding of animal behaviour to capture remarkable photos without causing harm or disturbance.

Alison Buttigieg’s journey through the lens not only captures the beauty of wild cats but also serves as a testament to the importance of preserving their natural habitats and promoting ethical wildlife photography. Follow Alison’s Instagram to see more of their amazing photography and let them know how much you’ve enjoyed it!

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