Final Farmer Training of the Year at CCF Namibia

  • by CCF Staff 14 December 2023
Final Farmer Training of the Year at CCF Namibia

As we wrap up a year of enriching training sessions, we’re thrilled to share the triumphs of our recent on-site farmer training at the Model Farm. We gathered a group of 10 dedicated farmers and Ministry of Agriculture trainers. This session focused on essential livestock management, tackling the nuances of human-wildlife conflict.

Our farmers absorbed key insights on animal health checks, cattle farming, specialized dairy goat care, and the role of livestock guarding dogs. They explored comprehensive strategies to address human-wildlife conflict, fostering sustainable practices right here in Namibia.

Beyond the barns, the excitement continued into the world of dairy processing at our creamery. From crafting creamy cheeses to savouring our delightful Omaere creations!

As we celebrate the dedication of our participants, it’s worth noting that this marks our last farmer training of the year, just in time for the holiday season. Kudos to our outstanding Model Farm team and heartfelt gratitude to our skilled experts for their pivotal roles in making this training a success.

We’re eager to see the positive impact as our farmer training network continues to grow and watch our farmers apply their newfound knowledge. Here’s to an awesome future for Namibian agriculture!

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