Art Meets Conservation: Penny’s Exhibition Celebrates the Beauty and Resilience of Big Cats

  • by CCF United Kingdom 30 October 2023
Art Meets Conservation: Penny’s Exhibition Celebrates the Beauty and Resilience of Big Cats

From Tuesday, November 14th, to Saturday, November 18th, an extraordinary event is set to unfold at Gallery Different, 14 Percy Street, London. This unique gathering will bring together art enthusiasts, VIPs, and wildlife conservation advocates for a preview of an exhibition that beautifully melds artistry and a deep-seated passion for big cat conservation.

Penny Wheatley, a talented artist with a profound love for wild cats, is the mastermind behind this remarkable exhibition. Her dedication to the cause is nothing short of commendable, and her journey into the world of art and big cat conservation is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit.

For much of her life, Penny worked as a sculptor, exhibiting her work far and wide, earning accolades, and establishing herself as a prominent artist in the field. However, in 1992, her life took an unexpected turn when she was diagnosed with M.E., a debilitating illness that left her unable to work for an extended period. Yet, Penny’s determination and creative spirit could not be quelled, and she found solace and a new medium of expression in painting.

One of Penny’s first significant oil paintings was a mesmerizing depiction of a tiger, inspired by William Blake’s visionary poem, “The Tyger”. This painting’s beauty and significance were not lost on the world, and it was eventually sold at London Zoo with the support of the legendary naturalist Sir David Attenborough. This marked the inception of Penny’s mission to raise funds for the protection and preservation of big cats in their natural habitats.

The exhibition at Gallery Different is not just a showcase of Penny’s remarkable artistic journey but also a testament to her dedication to the conservation of wild cats. Every piece of fine art displayed during the preview represents her deep love for these magnificent creatures and her unwavering commitment to their welfare.

What makes this event even more special is that all funds raised from the sale of Penny’s art will be directed towards two prominent wildlife conservation organizations: Wildlife Vets International and the Cheetah Conservation Fund, with the latter contribution funnelled through The Big Cat Sanctuary. These organizations work tirelessly to protect and conserve endangered big cat species and their habitats, making the exhibition’s purpose all the more meaningful.

For anyone passionate about art, wildlife conservation, or both, the preview of Penny’s exhibition is an event not to be missed. For further information or if you wish to purchase any artwork or prints, please email

For more information on the exhibition and event, please click here.

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