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May’s wildlife photographer of the month – Brahmanand Kori

  • by Hannah Mulvany 18 April 2023
May’s wildlife photographer of the month – Brahmanand Kori

While looking through our Instagram at all the beautiful cheetah photos wildlife photographers has shared earlier this month, we came across Brahmanand Kori. An avid safari fan and regular visitor to Kenya, this young wildlife photographer has captured some absolutely stunning images and we were bowled over by the way he’d captured both cheetahs, and other wildlife too. So, we got in touch and Brahmanand was kind enough to share his images with us, so we can share them with you. We hope you enjoy this stunning selection of images as much as we have! If you’d like to check out more of Brahmanand’s images, you can do so on his Instagram.

About me

My name is Brahmanand Kori, a 23 year old wildlife photographer from India. Kenya has always been my second home and and ever since I was a small boy I found myself going on safaris to the different parks in Kenya. This instilled in me a deep sense of connection with the Animal Kingdom that we share our planet with. Waking up before the sun and heading out on safari is always something that excites me. My life has changed since the day I picked up a camera for the first time. Wildlife photography has not only allowed me to capture some breathtaking moments in nature, but also share it with the world and inspire them to connect with this magnificent wild kingdom we share our planet with.

Kisaru and Cubs

As twilight was approaching we found a cheetah named Kisaru and her 2 cubs. It’s always a delightful experience to spend time with cheetah cubs. During the blue hour as I saw the cubs playing around mum, I thought of taking this low angle shot of all three against the wonderful blue backdrop.



This cheetah’s name is Nashipae. One of the most skilled hunters in the Mara. On this overcast morning we saw her casualing resting on a termite mound. I didn’t want to miss a chance of composing this shot as she decided to get down the mound and continue with her sleep.


Neema and cub rim light

This image remains one of my most favourite cheetah images ever taken. For me, this image symbolises hope. Hope for a brighter future for the entire cheetah population. The cheetah population has been in decline for decades due to several reasons, both natural (competition from other predators like lions, hyenas, leopards etc) and man made (habitat loss, poaching, human wildlife conflict etc). However there is hope for a brighter future for cheetahs, thanks to the conservation efforts of various organisations and governments. It’s important to remember that our actions have a significant impact on the survival of these magnificent big cats, and we all have a role to play in their conservation.

Neema Cub

Over several trips to the Mara I’ve been fortunate to observe the wonderful family of Neema and her 3 cubs. From being just 3 months old to growing into healthy sub adults, it’s truly been a privilege. Especially since Neema was able to raise all 3 of her cubs to adulthood. Pictured above is one of the 3 on the stormy evening in the Mara as the family made their way through the grasslands of Mara.

Nne Bora hunt

This image is a very special one. We had just left camp during our evening game drive. We soon went to check the Nne Bora who apparently were looking for prey since morning that day. We positioned ourselves and within the next 5 minutes we got to witness and capture one the most stunning cheetah chases by this world famous coalition.

Selenkei cub low

Here’s an inquisitive cheetah cub, son of a cheetah named Selenkei, walking past my camera. What I really love about this image is the eye contact from this boy.


Nne bora topi chase

This photo aptly describes that size doesn’t matter. It’s incredible how a coalition of male cheetahs can take down large prey such as the topi that a single cheetah otherwise cannot. The reason for this is that it’s extremely difficult for a single cheetah to suffocate large prey with their bite force.

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