CCF in Namibian schools

  • by Hannah Mulvany 15 September 2022
CCF in Namibian schools

Environmental education is vital to Cheetah Conservation Fund’s mission. Our research shows that public education will help ensure a future for the species in the wild, by creating awareness and appreciation. To reach the widest audience possible, CCF educates farmers, teachers, and the public about methods to conserve biodiversity. Special emphasis is placed on the role of the cheetah and other predators in healthy ecosystems.

CCF’s Research Conservation and Education Centre

In central Namibia, CCF operates a Field Research and Education Centre to conduct formal and informal environmental education programmes. The Centre is open to the public daily and offers educational activities, activities for visiting school groups, and training for Namibian and university students from around the world.

Predator playground at our Centre

CCF’s education team

Since 2000, tens of thousands of students have participated in courses at CCF’s Research and Education Centre. In addition to school groups, specially designed programmes are also offered for youth groups, youth officials, teachers, health officials and farmers. We’ve got a wonderful team of education enthusiasts who are on a mission to inform and inspire the next generation of conservationists!

Environmental education taught by professionals at CCF
Left to right: Elizabeth, Astrid (Intern), Annetjie, Noma (Intern), Mackenzie (Intern), Front: Ignatius

Recent school outreach

CCF’s Education Team present outreach programmes at schools and community events throughout Namibia. Since 1994, hundreds of thousands of students have participated in our conservation-focused educational outreach.

We recently received the photographs below from our team in Namibia who have been busy teaching our Conservation Mentorship Programme in the Ohangwena Region in Namibia. Through this programme, grade 10 learners receive mentoring for pursuing conservation-related fields of study and gain information about conservation careers. They learn about the cheetah’s crucial role in the ecosystem, as well as how they can make an impact in advocating for the protection of our natural environment.

Our education team said, “many of these learners were not aware of careers in conservation, the teachers could not thank CCF enough for visiting schools in remote places of the country. CCF is one of the only organisations that takes conservation education to young people by visiting schools and providing such great opportunities to their learners.”

CCF believe in working holistically, as threats to cheetahs and their ecosystem can only be solved this way. By supporting our work, you will help us to create a future for cheetahs in the wild.

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