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Cheetah Cubs 30 Day Cheetah Challenge

  • by  3 May 2022
Cheetah Cubs 30 Day Cheetah Challenge

Throughout April, our Cubs Club members have been hard at work raising funds to support CCF’s cheetah conservation work, raising a huge £1,000 in total! Their innovative and creative fundraising methods have put big smiles on the faces of the CCF UK team and we wanted to share some of the wacky and wonderful ways they have used to raise such a magnificent sum! A huge thank you to all Cubs Club members who got involved, and the parents and carers who were on hand to help them out.

Felix sold his chicken’s eggs locally, creating cheetah themed egg boxes so that people knew the cause they were supporting.

Thalia wrote and organised a cheetah quiz

Lily baked and sold cheetah print cookies

Juliet & Henry baked lots of different cakes and biscuits, and set up a stall outside their house for passers-by to purchase their culinary delights

Chloe smashed her 30 mile target by walking 42.5 miles over the 30 day event

Leo arranged a ping pong competition which participants had to make a donation to enter

Erin baked cookies and sold them in her village, creating these awesome cheetah themed bags to put them in

Eve did a sponsored cycling challenge

If you know a young person who loves cheetahs, sign them up for our Cubs Club! Learn more here.

Check out our kids page for ways young people can get involved in cheetah conservation, and check back here regularly as we update this section of our website with exciting new resources over the coming months!

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