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Martha Alfeus’s CCF story

  • by Hannah Mulvany 16 February 2022
Martha Alfeus’s CCF story
We have staff across the world, all working to save the cheetah using their different areas of expertise. While some work very far away from Namibia, others are very much involved with our on-the-ground field work, including Martha Alfeus, whose job we thought was so interesting that you might want to know more about it!
Martha works as an Ecology Research Assistant at CCF Namibia, deciding to become a scientist after being passionate about nature for her whole life. Martha’s work includes analysing long-term monitoring data, which helps us to deepen our understanding of the diet of cheetahs. This part of our research has been ongoing since 1993, and new data is added frequently. She also helps to monitor the population dynamics of cheetahs using camera traps and data from game parks, which helps us to understand their ecology.

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