CCF’s Visitor Centre and Cheetah Museum

CCF’s Visitor Centre and Museum are open daily and we welcome schoolchildren and guests interested in learning more about the cheetah and how CCF is saving them in the wild. The Visitor Centre is home to our Cheetah Cafe’, Gift Shop, education classrooms, and genetics laboratory.

Cheetah Activities

CCF Tour

Duration 1 hr

Enjoy a guided walking tour of our Field Research and Education Centre.
Your guide will give a personal introduction to CCF’s orphan cheetahs, livestock guarding dog programme, museum and model farm.

Learn about the world’s fastest land animals and the challenges they face along with the work CCF undertakes to save this enigmatic species in the wild. You are welcome to spend as long as you like in CCF’s Cheetah Museum and Centre or sit back and observe the cheetahs’ from the on-site café.

If you are here at feeding time (2 pm Monday – Friday and 12pm Saturday – Sunday) this is also included in the CCF tour fee and lasts approximately ½ an hour.

Bring your camera! Please note we do not enter the enclosures during this tour and therefore the cheetahs may be at a distance.

Cheetah Feeding

Visitors have a chance to see some of CCF’s resident cheetahs which cannot be released back into the wild, during their feeding.

Monday – Friday 2:00 pm

Saturday and Sunday 12:00 pm
Included with all activities

Cheetah Run

The cheetah is the world’s fastest land animal but if you are lucky enough to see one in the wild they are usually resting in the shade.

Here at CCF, you can experience the thrill of seeing cheetahs running close up when we join them for their morning exercise as they “hunt” our specially made lure.
Capture the amazing speed of the cheetah up close with your own photos and video.

This activity is only available at 8 in the morning, simulating the cheetah’s natural hunting time.

Duration: 30 minutes

Daily at 8:00 am – pre-booking required

Cheetah Drive

Take a drive to expansive cheetah enclosures with a CCF guide and get to know some of CCF’s cheetahs while you get some great close-up photos and videos along the way.

After the Cheetah Drive, you will also be able to spend time in the CCF Cheetah Museum and Visitor Centre.

If you are here at feeding time (2 pm Monday – Friday and 12pm Saturday – Sunday) this is also included and lasts approximately ½ an hour.

Cheetah Cafe’

CCF’s Cheetah Cafe’ is open daily from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm (08:00 -17:00) and serves locally grown and sourced vegetables, meats and cheeses. The goat milk dairy products on our menu come from the goats on CCF’s Model Farm, which serves as a training facility for local farmers wishing to learn about predator friendly farming techniques and diversify their production. CCF makes delicious goats’ milk ice cream, cheeses (feta, chevre, and ricotta) and fudge. These items are available on our menu and to purchase as a take-away snack.

Cheetah Gift Shop

The Gift Shop, housed within the CCF Visitor Centre, gives visitors the opportunity to engage in a spot of retail therapy. All revenue from the gift shop is reinvested in CCF’s projects, programmes and operations so every postcard and pencil, every cuddly cheetah or sophisticated silver salad server helps CCF to continue it’s mission to save the cheetah in the wild.

The Gift Shop is also the place to go if you would like to sponsor one of our resident rescued cheetahs with the purchase of a CCF sponsorship box. Credit cards accepted, except American Express.