Thank you for participating in the 2nd Annual Cheetah Fit Challenge, September 17 – October 1, 2022

All donations you raise will be matched by sponsors (up to $7,500) and will help CCF Somaliland care for the growing number of cheetahs rescued from the illegal pet trade. Currently, CCF Somaliand has over 90 cheetahs under their charge. Cheetah cubs are taken from the wild when they are only a few weeks old. Most cheetahs come from the Horn of Africa, where fewer than 500 adult cheetahs remain, putting the population in danger of extinction in that region. They are malnourished, abused and weak, 80% of them die in transit. But there is hope.

To help you with your participation in the challenge, we’ve put together some resources you can use.

Resources :

Help us promote the 2022 Cheetah Fit Challenge

Print the colorful poster and put it where people gather – your local coffee shop or grocery store, your fitness center or gym, or even your in-laws’ house.


Adult Cheetah Mask

Download the “adult cheetah” mask with instructions, build it and wear it in your selfies to promote your participation in the challenge. #CheetahFit2022

Adult Mask

Kids' Cheetah Mask

Download the cheetah cub mask with instructions, build it and have your friends wear it when they participate in the challenge or just take a group photo and share #CheetahFit2022

Kids' Cheetah Mask

Share your photos on social media

Use the hashtag #CheetahFit2022 on social media when you share your photos and we can see you in action throughout the challenge.

We’ll use your images to promote the challenge and encourage others to support your goals.

Download the sample social media texts we’ve prepared for you…feel free to adapt them to your own style, but don’t alter the factual details.

Also you can share and like our posts on social media.

Examples of texts for social media