To the supporters of Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) Canada,

We would like to update you on our accomplishments thus far in 2023. We had a good year in raising awareness and building support across Canada.   We are pleased to say that CCF Canada is run by dedicated volunteers so that your donation goes directly to CCF field work.

In 2022, we transferred close to 98.5% of funds raised – your donation makes a difference to the life of cheetahs and to the people living along side.

In the last ten years, we have been able to contribute over $1.1 million directly to CCF Namibia thanks to the generosity of companies, foundations and individual contributions. More recently, we’ve been providing funding to CCF Somaliland, in particular, for the care of the rescued cheetah cubs.  

The four CCF programs we continue to support are cheetah care (Namibia and Somaliland), livestock guarding dogs, and education of farmers and young people in local communities.  In addition, we have provided support for capital investment to build or repair CCF infrastructure.  We also recently formalized an internship program with Vanier College (Montreal) providing students the opportunity to do field work at CCF Namibia.    


Highlights of our work in Canada this year:

Raising funds for the cheetah cubs

  • Our third annual Cheetah Fit Challenge in September raised $26,285, thanks to Canadians achieving their fitness goals on behalf of the cheetahs.  All funds raised will go to the care of cheetah cubs rescued from the illegal wildlife trade in Somaliland.
  • We had three companies participate this year and over 80 participants.
Actual Media, Cheetah Network and Guépard Communications joined the challenge

Canadian post-secondary students internship at CCF Namibia

Three second-year vet students from Ontario Veterinary College were interns at CCF Namibia in late August. They had hands-on experience with all the animals at CCF, and found that their experience gave them new insights about their future career opportunities.

Ten Vanier College students from the wildlife management and animal tech programs experienced five-week internships, with opportunities to work with animals not native to Canada, and to engage in very interesting ecology projects.

Canadian foundations are joining the efforts to help cheetahs

  • Toronto Zoo provided support for the livestock guarding dog program through their Endangered Species Fund. A number of volunteers at the Toronto Zoo provided in kind-support and donations for the CCF Somaliland.
  • We also raised $4K in for emergency supplies for the veterinary care team at CCF Somaliland as well as donations in-kind taken to Somaliland.
  • The Gordon and Patria Gray Animal Welfare Foundation has continued its support of the cheetahs by funding the building of new pens.
Reconstruction of Pens
Donation in-kind

A Canadian company that emphasizes environmental sustainability

  • B2Gold, Vancouver, continues its long-term support of CCF’s research into the ecology, distribution, and limiting factors to cheetah populations in a variety of habitats of Namibia. With B2Gold’s dedicated support, we are learning about populations of cheetahs in remote areas of the country, and are able to tailor educational programs for human-wildlife coexistence in previously neglected regions.
  • Dr. Laurie Marker and the CEO of B2Gold, Clive Johnson have a shared vision to help the cheetah live and flourish for future generations. See video.

Young Canadians who are passionate about saving cheetahs

This past year, we’ve had a number of young people demonstrating their passion for cheetahs, and their generous commitment to helping them.

  • Poppy, who is five years old, asked for donations in lieu of birthday gifts and raised $200
  • Stella, seven years old, raised money rather than receiving birthday gifts and raised $250.
  • Lennox, who joined the Cheetah Fit Challenge and raised $275
  • Jeremy, who creates and sells hand-made cards to support charities. Most recently $800, with a total of over $30K for CCF in Canada, the US, and the UK

Keeping Canadians Informed

  • We are committed to keeping our supporters up to date with our work in Canada as well as CCF’s international work, including in Namibia and Somaliland. We are active on social media and provide all our supporters with an e-newsletter Cheetah Tracks focusing on Canada in addition to CCF’s newsletter Notes from the Field
  • In April, we convened a cross-Canada town hall by Zoom, featuring CCF’s Brian Badger, who provided a very timely update on the final phases of construction of the new sanctuary at CCF Somaliland. 

Canada’s support is making a difference: CCF Namibia and CCF Somaliland

Cheetah care at CCF Namibia

  • At this time, there are 27 cheetahs at CCF, with the recent arrival of two young cubs rescued from a human-wildlife conflict situation.
  • After four months of dedicated care and rehabilitation, Scarlett was returned to her natural habitat in September. She found herself in a conflict situation with livestock due to wounds that nearly took her life (a hole through her leg and abdomen, causing sepsis). Defying the odds, CCF was able too nurse her back to health.
  • The CCF cheetah team continues to monitor the behaviours and health of cheetahs that have been rewilded, primarily at Erindi Private Reserve.
Scarlett released in her natural habitat

New sanctuary for cheetahs at Geed-Deeble

  • In the first half of 2023, all 92 cheetahs were transferred to a newly built sanctuary – Cheetah Rescue and Conservation Centre in Geed-Deeble – a much more natural habitat that will help these cheetah thrive.  We were pleased to have four Canadians — – Nathalie, Desiree, Thomas, and Xamsee – involved in the relocation effort.
  • In August, CCF welcomed a Somaliland ministerial delegation to the Cheetah Rescue & Conservation Centre. The support of stakeholders in government as well as CCF’s collaborative work with other NGOs is helping raise awareness about the illegal wildlife trade.
  • Training local cheetah keepers in Somaliland. Nathalie Santerre, a Canadian, is incredibly committed and passionate about the cheetahs and new keepers are all part of the vital cheetah care team.
  • In mid-October, two more cheetah cubs were confiscated by authorities after being found in a box in the trunk of a car.  This brings the number of cheetahs at the Somaliland centre to 94.

Livestock Guarding Dogs

  • There are currently 177 working dogs provided by CCF. These dogs are invaluable to farmers, placed in human-wildlife conflict hotspots, and demonstrating a reduction in livestock losses due to predation by 80-100 percent.
  • Four litters of puppies have been born at CCF this year, most recently in September. These 33 puppies will be fully trained and ready to work with farmers.
April and her new born puppies

On- Site learning for farmers

  • CCF is dedicated to working with communal farmers, providing training on feeding habits of various carnivores, understanding the predators’ behaviour so that farmers can manage risk, and providing tools and knowledge to help farmers significantly reduce human-wildlife conflict.
  • CCF has also resumed (post-Covid) their education programs for Future Farmers of Africa. Areas covered include dairy goat husbandry, livestock guarding dogs to mitigate human-wildlife conflict, ensuring healthy goat herds.
Farmers learning at CCF model farms

Youth education in Namibia

  • CCF’s Future Conservationists of Africa program helps to put young people on the path to conservation work. Topics include ecology, genetics and scat detection, livestock guarding dogs, tourism, biomass and wildlife veterinary practice. A number of groups have come to CCF Centre to gain practical examples.
  • The education team has been visiting schools in Windhoek and in rural areas (e.g. Waterberg Primary) to help young learners understand the diversity of predators in Namibia and their importance in maintaining the ecosystems, and the importance of peaceful coexistence between humans and wildlife.

Thank you for your support.  Together we can make a difference!


Carolyn Farquhar

President & Chair, Cheetah Conservation Fund Canada and

Member of Board of Trustees, Cheetah Conservation Fund USA

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