Board and Volunteer Bios

Meet Our Board Members

Carolyn Farquhar, Quebec

Chair & President

Carolyn is passionate about protecting the endangered species of our planet. Big cats hold a special interest for her. She has twice been a working volunteer at Cheetah Conservation Fund in Namibia, witnessing close-up the magnificence of the cheetah, the ecosystems in which they live, and the vital work that CCF is doing.  Carolyn is also a member of Cheetah Conservation Fund USA’s Board of Trustees. She is also a board member of her community’s land trust/environmental NGO.

Carolyn was Assistant Director at the University of Ottawa’s Institute of the Environment, and the Associate Director at the Secretariat of the IUCN Academy of Environmental Law at the University of Ottawa from 2008-14. Carolyn was director of research at Canada’s largest think tank, The Conference Board of Canada, where she led research projects on issues related to strategic planning, organizational change and public policy.

Christine Broughton, Ontario

Secretary & Director
Christine is committed to giving back to the community and to the protection of nature.

Christine is the Lead Advisor, Digital Strategy at Export Development Canada (EDC) and oversees a virtual team that manages the corporate website ( She lead on a number of web/marketing initiatives, and was heavily involved in the development of the company’s first customer relationship management system.

Christine held a variety of positions with Ottawa Tourism from 1985-2000 and held a position on the Board of Directors for Festival Network. As an ultra-light pilot, Christine held the Vice-President/Secretary position on the Board of Directors for the local flying club, COPA Flight 121, for four years. Christine is a graduate of the Tourism and Transportation Program from Sir Sandford Fleming College in Peterborough.

Marie-Claude Erian, Quebec

Treasurer & Director

Marie-Claude went to Southern Africa for the first time in 1984 and she was deeply struck by its beauty. She has an abiding belief that we can make a difference in the world through lifting people up, in their communities, while protecting the natural environment. For her, the work of CCF is a true example of how to make this happen.

Marie-Claude has been involved in international trade facilitation for businesses across many sectors for over 30 years at Export Development Canada. One area of focus was environment and sustainable development, looking at Canadian capabilities, international competition/innovation and programs/regulations being implemented at the government and business levels.

Sarang Dutt, Alberta

Director at Large

Sarang’s childhood memories and African safaris gives him a personal connection to the cheetah species. He sees irony in how our society views the cheetah as an icon of speed, performance and focus, while its very existence is threatened.

As a venture capitalist and the founder of Venture Smartlii (VSii), Sarang passionate about entrepreneurship and innovation. Outside of the VC space, he specializes in management consulting in areas like strategy, risk management, continuous improvement and quality assurance, coaches’ entrepreneurs and supports start-up companies in their readiness for investment.

Sarang is committed to making a positive contribution and a meaningful difference for our society both through the CCF and through his work in venture capital.

Liane Kelly, Ontario

Director at Large

Liane is motivated to work with CCF because of their integrated approach to conservation – in particular the extension of their work into communities to address livelihood impacts and other social drivers.

Her expertise as a CSR Consultant is focused in sustainability strategies and frameworks, social risk management, and methodologies for effective CSR and community investment programs. She is also a community advocate, guiding them to opportunities for leading their own development.

Liane is on the B2Gold Board and HSESS (health, safety, environment, social and security) Committee and has worked with other Boards on areas of governance, board performance, employee ownership. She has certification in International Development from the University of British Columbia and a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Physics from Queen’s University.  She holds the GAICD Graduate certification from the Australian Institute of Corporate Directors.


Our Key Volunteers

Key Volunteers_Jan 2020

Jameson Bowman

Guest Writer
Jameson is an environmentalist and wildlife conservationist with a Masters Degree in History. After completing school Jameson worked for a number of years as a professional fundraiser in Toronto focusing on major gifts and grant writing. He now works in his family business and devotes his personal time to environmental issues and animal rights. He believes the multi-tiered conservation approach of the CCF is key to protecting and promoting wildlife alongside human development.

Amy Cocksedge

Guest Writer
Amy holds an Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies and English, a Masters in Environmental Studies, a graduate diploma in International and Security Studies, and is currently completing her Masters in Biology studying polar bears in Canada. She is an avid traveler and recreational wildlife photographer. She has done research in Canada, Costa Rica, and Namibia, studying everything from frogs to hyaenas. Her specialties are wildlife conservation, political ecology, and human-wildlife conflict. She hopes to work in the field of wildlife conservation upon graduation.

Vanessa Dewson

Web Consultant
Vanessa is an award-winning photographer as well as a graphic and web designer based in Ottawa. She is also an avid traveler and became a travel agent in 2015 in order to organize and host photography tours as well as help people plan the perfect trip. After a special encounter with a cheetah during a visit to a rehabilitation centre in South Africa, Vanessa reached out to help the Cheetah Conservation Fund of Canada and has provided her support to develop and launch the new website in 2016. She recently organized a tour to Namibia that included a 4-day visit to CCF.

Meredith Hanel

Guest Writer
Meredith holds a Ph.D. in Medical Genetics. She lived the lab life, then shared her enthusiasm with kids in science outreach. Now she is a freelance science writer who blogs and tweets @MeredithHanel on biological topics from nature to medicine.

Jeff Young

Jeff is a veteran high school teacher responsible for designing and implementing the Arts York Intensive Arts Program for the York Region Board of Education in Ontario. In 2007, Jeff combined his love for photography and his commitment to teaching by creating the African not-for-profit project “Village Galleries” which took 8 educators/photographers to Tanzania to teach digital storytelling to 500 Maasai villagers. Following this experience Jeff became the Project Manager for “In My Own Eyes” which taught digital storytelling to 7 First Nations communities in Ontario, resulting in 55 young people telling their photo-stories on the Internet and in a traveling photography display. Current projects now include designing and creating video advocacy campaigns for Youth Without Shelter, Durham Region Victim Services, Grace Orphanage (Congo), Canadian Save the Cheetah Fund, Beautiful World, Circle of Care, Jane’s Walk, Woman Act, The Canadian Centre for Victims of Torture, York Region Autism and Meals on Wheels. Last spring, Jeff completed his fifth photography workshop (1000 WORDS) for the March of Dimes (Aphasia and Acquired Brain Injuries.) Last April Jeff designed and delivered a Digital Story Telling Project with15 youth in Iqauluit in Nunavut for the Arctic Children and Youth Foundation.

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