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Celebrate Valentine’s Day By Helping CCF to Name a Cheetah Cub

  • by CCF Staff February 1, 2024
Celebrate Valentine’s Day By Helping CCF to Name a Cheetah Cub

United by Love for Conservation

This Valentine’s Day, join us in a fundraising opportunity inspired by the Global Cheetah Summit. In the spirit of the Summit, where stakeholders from various countries came together united by their dedication to cheetahs (see the group photo below), we invite you to vote on a name for one of our rehabilitated cheetah cubs. Your support in naming a cheetah not only celebrates this day of love, it also strengthens our conservation mission.

The 8-month-old cubs to name are being rehabilitated at our Centre in Namibia. While their arrival a month ago was under challenging circumstances related to human-wildlife conflict, we’re dedicated to providing them with the best possible care and a hopeful future. These cubs represent not just our commitment to individual animals in need, but also our commitment to mitigating human-wildlife conflict with farmer training programs. Join us in giving them names that represent our love for the species and help support their new beginning.

Choose from the list of names that mean “Love” or symbolize love.

  • Jacayl (Somali) Phonetic spelling: Jah-ky-uhl
  • Ombetja (Namibia) Phonetic spelling: Ohm-bet-yah
  • Habibi (Arabic) Phonetic spelling: Ha-beeb
  • Fikir (Ethiopia) Phonetic spelling: Fee-keer
  • Lerato (South Africa) Phonetic spelling: Leh-RAH-to
  • Preet (India) Phonetic spelling: Preeth
  • Mapenzi (Kenya) Phonetic spelling: Mah-PEHN-zee
  • Shirin (Iran) Phonetic spelling: Shee-reen
The Global Cheetah Summit - With fewer than 7,500 cheetahs left in the wild, the Global Cheetah Summit convened in Ethiopia, January 2024. Experts from around the world worked collaboratively to create a unified plan to address the critical threats to the cheetah's survival.

Also, as a Valentine’s Day gift to you, we’re offering a token of our appreciation to anyone who signs up to receive our communications! By simply signing up to get CCF’s news and updates (using the form below) you’ll receive a unique ringtone in your confirmation email – the captivating sound of a purring cheetah.

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