Vanier College Delegation Visits Interns at CCF Namibia

  • by Cheetah Conservation Fund Canada July 11, 2023
Vanier College Delegation Visits Interns at CCF Namibia

CCF Namibia has welcomed quite a few Canadian students from Vanier College’s Environmental and Wildlife Management and Animal Health Technology programs this spring.

The Vanier College collaborative project began in earnest in January and continued into May, providing ten students (in groups of two and three) with 5-6 weeks of internship experience at CCF.

Vanier College Dean Alena Perout tours the Bushblok facility at CCF

Under the leadership of Dean Alena Perout, an eight person delegation from the College also visited CCF Namibia in April to learn about all aspects of CCF’s work, especially the student intern program. Brandee Diner, who is the key liaison between Vanier and CCF, also joined the delegation.

The first group of Vanier College internship students to arrive at CCF.

This is the first full year in this multi-year partnership, and there is a very good chance that the intern opportunities will expand across other disciplines at Vanier College.

You can read various first-hand accounts from the Vanier students in our blog.

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