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Launching a New Partnership between Vanier College and CCF

  • by Cheetah Conservation Fund Canada February 5, 2023
Launching a New Partnership between Vanier College and CCF

From February to June 2023, ten Vanier College students from the Montreal area will travel to Namibia to launch on a new collaboration initiative with CCF.

The students are enrolled in Environmental and Wildlife Management (EWM) and Animal Health Technology (AHT) programs and have been selected to participate in a student mobility project funded by Colleges and Institutes Canada via the Global Skills Opportunity / Expérience compétences mondiales.

☑️ AHT students will spend 5 weeks working in the CCF clinic as veterinary technicians

☑️ EWM students will spend 6 weeks interning in the ecology department as well as working on husbandry of cheetahs and livestock guarding dogs.

🇨🇦 Vanier College is extremely excited to launch their partnership with CCF by sending out this first crew of students to initiate this 4-year project. And we are very happy to see Canadian youth gaining field experience from a world class conservation organization at CCF Namibia. 🇨🇦 


Cohort 1 of Vanier College students Back, L to R: Serena Duperron, Leslie Harmidy, Alexa Charbonneau, Frederique Plante, Tanya Nguyen Front, R to L: Alexandra Michaud, Alyssa Evangelista and Izzy Belisle.  Two students are missing

We look forward to receiving updates from these students as they share their experiences with us.

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