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Emergency Care for Cheetahs in Somaliland – Supplies are Needed

  • by Cheetah Conservation Fund Canada November 29, 2022
Emergency Care for Cheetahs in Somaliland – Supplies are Needed
Stable after the first round of successful CPR Photo credit: Joaquín García-Menacho de Vargas

CCF is working on all fronts to stop the illegal wildlife trade (IWT) of cheetah cubs from the Horn of Africa to the Arabian Peninsula.

The most critical period for IWT is now, during the cubbing season. CCF Somaliland receives most of their calls during this period, typically October to March, from the local government as they intercept trafficking of cheetah cubs.  It can be 2-3 cheetah cubs at a time or a group of more than 12 cubs.

Typically, a team comprised of a veterinarian, vet technician, operations manager, special protection unit member, and translator assemble the necessary animal care and medical supplies.  They then start the day-long journey to meet the regional coordinator of the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MoECC) in a secure location to receive the cheetah cub(s).

Only 50% of the rescued cubs are expected to survive or, once back at CCF Safe Houses, can be moved out of emergency care into general cheetah care.

Emergency care being provided to a rescued cheetah cub.

Urgent Need for Medical Supplies

The CCF team urgently requires emergency medical supplies to increase the chance of survival of the cheetah cubs. Current costs run approximately US$15,000 per month which is beyond the normal cheetah care received once the cheetah is stabilized and can be moved to one of the CCF safe houses.

As volunteers and staff go to Somaliland, they are asked to bring medical supplies to equip the clinic for emergency care.  The shipping cost for sending supplies to CCF Somaliland is very expensive, eroding precious resources available to CCF.

On this International Cheetah Day, we ask our followers and supporters around the world to make a donation to one of CCF’s affiliates specifically for emergency medical supplies to be transported by volunteers or staff travelling to Somaliland.

We are now in “cubbing season” and your support is urgently needed.

Critical care and catheter placement in one crashing individual on initial arrival. Photo credit: Joaquín García-Menacho de Vargas

Your Financial Donation Will Help Purchase Medical Supplies

Medications and supplements for lifesaving intervention: US$8,000

  • Antibiotics
  • Pain relief
  • Anesthesia medications
  • GI Probiotics and supplements
  • Joint supplement support
  • Splints, e-collars, bandages
  • IV fluids
  • Syringes, needles, tubing, catheters
  • Blood/fluid/fecal sample containers
  • Wound care
  • Breathing and resuscitation:
    • Ambubags – mask with bag
    • Oxygen tubing
    • Oxygen
  • Microscope slides and lens wipes

Safety: US$1,000

  • Gloves
  • Masks
  • Surgical aprons
  • Disinfectant

Pest control: US$4,000

  • Dewormer, flea, lice, tick control

Nutrition:  US$2,000

  • Royal Canin Mother & Kitten Starter Food (canned)
  • Royal Canin Gastrointestinal, Hill’s I/D, Canine Bland/GI (canned)

Your Support is Needed

Medical supplies and food are urgently needed at CCF Somaliland. Your support through a financial donation would help us to purchase more supplies to care for the growing number of rescued cheetah cubs that so desperately need emergency care.

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