Developing Conservation Competencies in Namibia

  • by Cheetah Conservation Fund Canada May 4, 2022
Developing Conservation Competencies in Namibia

Vanier College, located in Montreal, is creating a new multi-year partnership with Cheetah Conservation Fund Namibia for an internship program for its students.  The partnership, “Developing Conservation Competencies in Namibia – the Cheetah Ecosystem (2021-2025)”, funded by the Government of Canada’s Global Skills Opportunity, will help students gain global skills and experiences in Africa.

Global Skills Opportunity is a national outbound student mobility program that helps students from across the country acquire the global skills employers want and the Canadian economy needs.

Brandee Diner, teacher and program coordinator in the Wildlife Management Program recently visited Namibia to meet with the CCF leaders to work out the details of various student internships. Students from the Environmental and Wildlife Management, Animal Health Technology, and Sustainability majors will be candidates for this program. Vanier is currently developing a platform where students and teachers will meet virtually in the first year of study, with onsite intern study at CCF Namibia for selected students.

Alena Perout, Dean at Vanier and Brandee Diner recently spoke to Cheetah Conservation Fund Canada supporters at a virtual meeting.  Watch Brandee’s presentation in the video link below.

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