New Riding Lawn Mower at CCF Namibia

  • by Cheetah Conservation Fund Canada June 7, 2021
New Riding Lawn Mower at CCF Namibia

CCF Asked, Canada Delivered

Two of our generous Canadian donors have put big smiles on the faces of the team at Cheetah Conservation Fund.

The grounds crew at CCF had identified a need for a riding lawn mower to more efficiently maintain the seasonal grass, and we were able to find Canadian donors who were pleased to provide it. The mower was delivered to CCF Namibia earlier this spring as part of a container sent by sea from North America.

During the summer season, the grasses grow quickly and this mower makes a significant difference in the grounds maintenance. The lawn mower is powerful enough to use in the very large cheetah pens when needed.

Dr. Bruce Brewer, General Manager at CCF, is very thankful for the new equipment and says that “the mower allows us to cut closely around trees and fence lines that the tractor-mounted mowers cannot reach”.  See the new mower in action below!

Thank You!

Thank you Jonathan Peck and Alena Perout for your support!  (Alena Perout is Dean, Faculty of Arts, Business, and Social Sciences and International Education, Vanier College and helped us organize a great Zoom session with their students.)

Want to help out too?

CCF maintains a Wish List of needed supplies – if there is something on the list that you think you can provide, contact us at and we’ll try to help facilitate.

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