Canadians for Cheetahs!

  • by Cheetah Conservation Fund Canada July 13, 2018
Canadians for Cheetahs!

Saving the cheetah is very important to Canadians across our big country. In British Columbia, Marializ is one of our generous supporters.

Her passion for cheetahs is matched by her commitment to helping ensure that they are protected from extinction. Marializ says that she was “drawn to cheetahs, with their physicality, power and speed, while at the same time, they have a considerable level of vulnerability.”

Marializ is very motivated to help the cheetahs, knowing that cheetahs play a vital role in the ecosystems in which they live, including helping to make sure that the vegetation is healthy and that the wildlife numbers are kept in balance. At the same, Marializ recognizes that CCF’s work with school children, women’s empowerment, and vital training for farmers strengthen the communities and help build sustainable livelihoods.

A long time animal-lover, Marializ first learned about CCF’s work through a National Geographic documentary.  This opportunity to see the vision and incredible work of Dr. Laurie Marker was very eye-opening for Marializ. She has been following the work of CCF ever since. She values the reports that both CCF and CCF/C provide on the work to save cheetahs, and loves the blogs.

She met Dr. Marker at our event in Vancouver in 2014. They had a chance to speak about their shared commitment to saving the cheetah.

Marializ believes that “everything that we do has an impact on other things”, and is very enthusiastic about CCF’s integrated conservation approach. In her view, Dr. Marker has been a pioneer in “connecting the dots” for people, identifying the root causes of problems and providing local solutions so that people can live in harmony with wildlife and improve their livelihoods.

Marializ is impressed by the Citizen Scientist program launch last year by CCF which allows people around the world to be actively involved in CCF’s efforts to identify species from thousands of camera trap pictures using as a platform to  identify the species.

Thank, Marializ, for all your support of the cheetahs through Cheetah Conservation Fund Canada.

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