Dundee Precious Metals Helps Safeguard Cheetah Research

  • by Cheetah Conservation Fund Canada June 3, 2016
Dundee Precious Metals Helps Safeguard Cheetah Research

Cheetah Conservation Fund has been conducting leading edge scientific and genetic research on cheetahs for more than two decades in its Veterinary Clinic and Life Technologies Conservation Genetics Laboratory.

It is a world-class conservation facility with the only fully-equipped genetics lab in Africa. This enables CCF to collaborate with scientists around the world on research that benefits the cheetah and other big cats and predators.

The CCF team is able to collect a range of biological and genetic samples from cheetahs that are cared for at CCF well as those that are living in the wild in communities in Namibia.

These samples are vital to research as well as to ensuring the preservation of genetic material in perpetuity. To do this, you need a secure and reliable supply of liquid nitrogen to store these samples.

And this is where Dundee Precious Metal comes in.

This Canadian-based international mining company operates a mine in Tsumeb, Namibia and has a strong commitment to helping ensure the sustainability of the communities in which it operates.

Through its connection to Air Liquide Namibia, Dundee sponsors the supply of locally produced liquid nitrogen to Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) for cryogenic preservation of the genetic diversity of the cheetah.

The veterinary team at CCF also uses the liquid nitrogen to treat specific skin problems using cryotherapy.  Dundee recognizes that a local and uninterrupted supply of liquid nitrogen is vital to the preservation of the unique sample collection at CCF.

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