Shout out to Canadian Mattress Recycling

  • by Cheetah Conservation Fund Canada February 15, 2016
Shout out to Canadian Mattress Recycling
Photograph by: Ian Lindsay, PNG, Vancouver Sun

We love finding out what makes our donors so passionate about helping save the cheetah in the wild.

One of those donors is Canadian Mattress Recycling, locally owned and managed in Delta, BC.  We spoke with Terryl Plotnikoff, General Manager, who is very committed to the many organizations her company supports.

Terryl met Dr. Laurie Marker at our Vancouver event in 2014, and was very impressed with the work of CCF.

The company name accurately describes their work: They collect old mattresses, box springs and furniture, dismantle them at their depot, and recycle as much as possible.  At least 95% of each mattress can be reused.  Isn’t it great that all that steel, foam, plastic, cotton, wood, leather and cardboard become new products instead of ending up in the landfill?  This substantially reduces waste and increases sustainability.

The company is also very committed to supporting local and global initiatives, especially those that work towards preserving the environment, helping animals, improving health and education, and nurturing community spirit.

Cheetah Conservation Fund Canada is one of the many initiatives supported by Canadian Mattress Recycling.  We thank Terryl and her team for their support!

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