The use of remote camera traps to estimate density of free-ranging cheetahs in north-central Namibia

08.01.2008 | By , ,

Remote camera trapping RCT, although successfully used to estimate abundance on other species such as the tiger _Panthera tigris_ in India, (Karanth 1995, Karanth & Nichols 1998) and jaguar _Panthera onca_ in Bolivia (Wallace et al. 2003, Silver et al. 2004), has not been fully explored for cheetahs _Acinonyx jubatus_. Apart from Marnewick et al. (2008), who investigated the use of the technique for estimating abundance, no other study was found in literature that explored the feasibility of the technique for estimating both abundance and density. This study is therefore the first of its kind, as it addresses the easibility of using RCT within the capture-recapture CR framework.