Fact Sheets

A collection of 2-page color information sheets on the cheetah and different aspects of the work of the CCF in the areas of conservation, scientific research and education. These are large files suitable for printing and are ideal for educational purposes, to be used as handouts and information sheets by chapters, local groups, and anyone interested in supporting our work on behalf of the wild cheetah.

All Fact Sheets – ZIP File

All our fact sheets together in a zip file.


Research Clinic

Fact Sheet about our research program

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Frequent Questions

Fact sheet containing FAQ’s

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Dr. Laurie Marker

Dr. Laurie Marker’s Bio

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Livestock Dogs

Fact Sheet about our livestock guarding dog program

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Camp Lightfoot

Fact Sheet about our educational camp for school learners and other groups

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How to Help

Fact Sheet about options to assist in CCF’s mission

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Fact Sheet about education programming at CCF

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Goat Creamery

Fact Sheet about our Dancing Goat Creamery

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Fact Sheet on CCF’s Conservation programming

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