Special Cheetah Activities, Learning Games, and Tasty Treats Await Visitors on 4 December

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Cheetah Conservation Fund Celebrates 8th International Cheetah Day in Otjiwarongo
Special Cheetah Activities, Learning Games, and Tasty Treats Await Visitors on 4 December

OTJIWARONGO, NAMIBIA (29 Nov. 2018) — Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) will lead the 8th annual global celebration of International Cheetah Day from its Field Research & Education Centre in Otjiwarongo on Tuesday, 4 December. To mark this special occasion, the standard admission fee is waived for Namibian residents from the 1st through the 4th of December, presenting an ideal opportunity for Namibian families to tour the world-famous facilities.

Staff and volunteers will be available at the CCF Centre to share more information about CCF’s education and community programmes, including demonstrating the tools they use in their work, such as camera traps, satellite collars, e-Shepherd collars and fox lights. Visitors will also have the opportunity to meet some of CCF’s Livestock Guarding Dogs and observe a cheetah feeding (12:00 weekends, 14:00 on weekdays). The Cheetah Café in the Visitor Centre will offer a variety of treats to help make the occasion more festive, including cheetah cookies.

To enhance the experience, CCF staff and interns will offer a variety of educational activities and booths in the town of Otjiwarongo on Saturday, 1 December, as well as Tuesday, 4 December. Staff and volunteers will be available at various places around Otiwarongo to greet community members and town visitors and share why this place is known as ‘The Cheetah Capital of the World.’ A crafts station will be available to provide young learners the opportunity to make their own cheetah mask.

“International Cheetah Day is a wonderful opportunity to learn about the cheetah and to have some fun with the entire family”, said Dr. Laurie Marker, Founder and Executive Director of CCF. “We hope you will join us. We promise a cheetah learning adventure appropriate for all ages.”

The Cheetah Conservation Fund is located 45 km from the town of Otjiwarongo on the D2440 road. CCF facilities are open every day from 08:00 to 17:00 except 25 December. The Centre hosts community members and school groups from Namibia as well as international tourists and groups from all over the world. For more information, contact: or go to

ICD Educational materials, including CCF’s Conservation Passport, Activity Packet, cheetah photos, videos and social media links can be downloaded for free at or


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By: CCF Staff