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Cheetah Update: Dusty

From your last update on Dusty, we’d like to tell you a bit more about her and … Read more »

Cheetah Update: Blondi

From your last update on Blondi, we’d like to tell you a bit more about her and … Read more »

Ethiopia: Cubs doing well

CCF’s friend, Befekadu Refera, of the Ethiopian Environmental Protection Agency, visited the cheetah cubs at the National … Read more »

Shiraz in soft-release study

In February, as a part of our soft-release research, we released some of our resident cheetahs – … Read more »

Cheetah Census

In Namibia, one of the exciting research projects on the way is to help us estimate the … Read more »

Cheetah Checkups!

In February, the annual cheetah check-ups began, and in one week, staff and volunteers worked on 10 … Read more »

Shiraz’s mystery cubs

We sure were surprised in September when, during our daily feeding of cheetahs, Shiraz arrived with four … Read more »

Three new cubs arrive at CCF Namibia

There are now three more cheetah cubs at CCF. We have named them after the Hogwarts trio: … Read more »

Ethiopian cheetahs rescued!

For me, every day is a cheetah day, but this US Thanksgiving Day was one to remember. … Read more »

Nematode worm discovered in cheetahs

A nematode (Ollulanus tricuspis), previously recorded in cheetahs in a zoo in New Zealand, was found recently … Read more »