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Platveld Farmer Association Meets at CCF

On 11th of November 2017 the Platveld Farmer Association, one of the two farmer associations that CCF … Read more »

The Cheetahs Have Gone Solar

On November 9th, CCF joined the effort in reducing carbon emissions by powering its facilities using solar … Read more »

Children in the Wilderness visit CCF and the Cheetahs

CCF had the privilege of being visited by the Grade 7 students from Dawid Khamuxab primary school … Read more »

Go Green Project Second Anniversary

In the fall of 2015, CCF launched a three-year research project to determine the distribution, density and … Read more »

African Wild Dog Update

The two older males are now 6 months old and our younger puppies are now 3 months … Read more »

Posters Help CCF Spread Awareness to the Farming Community

CCF just launched a campaign to promote the Farmer Carnivore Help Hotline with a printed poster for … Read more »

Why We Donate to CCF

Our family loves animals. We have a long and deep connection with Africa — Vishva is originally … Read more »

The Cheetah Lady

The Cheetah Lady, Dr. Laurie Marker is a collaboration between Aruna Gauba, a young CCF supporter, and … Read more »

Young Eco-Hero Awards

Paloma Russ, is back again and hard at work to promote Cheetah Conservation Fund. She was honored … Read more »

Citizen Scientists Needed!

I recently completed a volunteering visit to the Cheetah Conservation Fund campus in Namibia, where I spent … Read more »