2024 Global Cheetah Summit

Jan 27 - 31, 2024

  • Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Venue: Grand Millennium Hotel
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Conservation Through Collaboration

January 27-28: Cheetah Husbandry/Reproductive Biology Workshop
January 29-31: Cheetah Summit

The Cheetah Conservation Fund is convening the inaugural meeting of an international advisory group to guide cheetah conservation initiatives.

With fewer than 7500 existing in only 9% of their historic range, cheetahs are becoming ever more vulnerable to extinction. CCF wants experts from around the world to join and take swift, decisive conservation action now.

The Global Cheetah Summit aims to ignite this process by bringing together leaders to develop creative strategies to mitigate the
primary existential threats to the species, which include human-wildlife conflict, loss of habitat, shrinking prey base, fragmentation, and illegal wildlife trade.

We welcome event sponsorship. Through your support, we will bring together some of the key players in the region and will focus on important global and regional issues that threaten the survival of cheetahs and the well-being of communities living alongside them.

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