Administrative Assistant

(2018 – present) Denise Crause was born in the northwestern province of South Africa, a farming and agriculture province. Growing up Denise spent time on a family members private wildlife reserve and developed a passion and interest in wildlife and conservation. Denise developed her understanding and education at school focusing on subjects like biology and nature sciences and outdoors sports extra circulars. Denise discovered her talents in fine arts and design and following high school graduation she took on a course on graphic design.

Denise first visited CCF in April 2017 and was inspired by the diversity of CCFs programs. The landscapes, wide-open spaces and wildlife had a very big impact on her. Namibia’s people and cultures, the forward thinking national conservation policies impressed Denise and encouraged her to apply as a volunteer at CCF.

Denise volunteered at CCF from Dec 2017 – February 2018 and was employed in March 2018 where she is now responsible for graphic designing material for CCFs media and educational resources. Additionally she manages the product development of CCFs locally made crafts, which are stocked in the CCF gift shop and sold internationally to raise funds for CCFs activities.