First “Future Farmers of Africa” Course Presented by CCF

  • by Günther Roeber December 10, 2007
First “Future Farmers of Africa” Course Presented by CCF

Cheetah Conservation Fund’s Programme ‘Future Farmers of Africa’ presented its first Livestock Marketing Course from the 3rd to 7th of December. It focused on the ideal product, the economic viability of production and on environmentally sound and cheetah friendly production practices. 25 farmers learned to determine weight by girth measurement, which is required to calculate market related prices, to monitor weight gain and to evaluate performance. This is important to farmers without scales on their farms as many may not be able to afford them.

Techniques learned in this course will help them get the most out of their livestock. While some predator losses are inevitable these courses help farmers minimize losses while maximizing returns. Stakeholders of Namibia’s meat industry, namely the Meat Board of Namibia and the Meat Corporation of Namibia partnered up with CCF to make this event possible. The number of courses we can offer in a year is often limited by funding.

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