Cheetahs and Temperatures

  • by Stephanie Bradley April 1, 2016
Cheetahs and Temperatures

The CCF education department is thrilled with our recently donated Vernier Scientific Collection Equipment. Vernier Software & Technology graciously donated several LabQuest 2, probes, and sensors for collecting temperature, soil moisture, relative humidity, UVB light, barometric pressure, PH, and motion detection. CCF held a training session for our staff and interns on how to use the Vernier equipment and how to collect data for our lesson, “Cheetah feeding and resting places; temperature investigation with Vernier”. CCF staff and interns had fun collecting temperature and soil moisture data and seeing it graphed on the LabQuest2. The CCF education department then did the “Cheetah feeding and resting places” lesson with students visiting from Riverdale Country School (NYC).

All the students paired up with a CCF staff or intern to find the best places for cheetahs to feed and rest based on data collected using the temperature probes and either relative humidity, soil moisture, or light sensors. Students were able to collect data and graph their results on the Vernier LabQuests. Riverdale students enjoyed getting out into the Namibian bush and doing some hands-on science with us. Thanks to Riverdale Country School for their fun and enthusiastic students that visited CCF and thanks to Vernier for making it possible to bring science technology to Namibia and our students.

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